Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Five Cheapest Cars To Insure in America

When it comes to the cost of owning a vehicle, one of the primary concerns is the cost of insurance over the life of any model. Most consumers don't really consider that certain cars are actually cheaper to insure than others. Instead, most people simply believe that smaller, less luxurious cars are the standard for a cheap auto insurance plan. While that's generally true, it should be noted that the car's actual size classification and domestic-versus-import status have little to do with insurance premiums. Instead, it's all about calculated risk, safety features, and crash test ratings. Knowing this, there are five cars in particular which are among the cheapest to insure.
1. Chrysler Town & Country (Minivan)
It might be hard to believe, but the Chrysler Town & Country minivan is actually rated as the single cheapest automobile to ensure in the United States. And that's not just a ranking that it holds when compared to other minivans or sport utility vehicles. Indeed, among all cars in the country, of all sizes and varieties, this minivan has the lowest average premium among U.S. consumers. That's likely because the minivan is a domestic model, is relatively popular, and has received high crash test rankings and evaluations from U.S. regulatory authorities and independent organizations. It has maintained this high ranking for much of the vehicle's production period, beginning more than two decades ago in 1989.
2. Nissan Murano
The inclusion of the Nissan Murano crossover on this list is a sure sign that imported makes and models can be insured for low rates that are quite comparable to domestic brands. The Nissan Murano consistently gets ranked as one of the safest crossover models sold to U.S. consumers, and it consistently wins awards for its roomy interior, smart handling on the road, and overall durability in a variety of uses and applications. Insurance companies have noticed that the vehicle is less likely to be the cause of both minor and major accidents; for this reason, their premiums for owners of the Murano are among the lowest among any vehicle segment. The combination of a soundly-produced imported crossover with bargain insurance pricing is sure to attract many new customers to the brand itself.
3. Toyota Highlander
Toyota vehicles have always been well-regarded for their safety features, and the company's Highlander crossover is no exception. Since being released to the North American market in 2000, the car has continually been called one of the safest mid-sized crossovers available from any manufacturer. That parallels Toyota's success with the popular Camry and Corolla, so it's no surprise that insurance companies would be willing to give the Highlander a great insurance policy assessment.
4. Toyota Camry
As mentioned above, Toyota's safety features have always been well-reviewed and ahead of the game when compared to domestic competitors, and that bodes well for the long-running Camry sedan. Often cited as the longest-running and most popular car in all of North America, insurance companies treat this model virtually like a domestic model from any North American manufacturer. It's exceedingly affordable to insure for virtually every average American issuance buyer.
5. Chevrolet Cruze
It's no secret that Chevrolet, and its parent company General Motors, has had a tenuous relationship with vehicle safety in previous decades. From the infamous 1960s Corvair to scattered problems with its Cavalier line of vehicles, Chevrolet has had to fight its way back into the safety zone. It has successfully done so with its Chevrolet Cruze model, entering its third year in production. The car is consistently rated as one of the safest on the market and, when combined with its domestic manufacturer, it's easily one of the cheapest cars to insure at any level. Combined with its durability and high fuel economy, it seems like Chevy might finally have a real winner on its hands.
Remember, Insurance Companies Charge for Risk
Insurance companies are in the business of evaluating how likely a vehicle is to be damaged in an accident, or cause an accident itself, when they calculate a policy's amount. Consumers who purchase the vehicles above are going to get a great deal on insurance because they've chosen an inherently safe car. Of course, that also bodes well for driving down the highway at any speed, so these vehicles should be considered a double victory for consumers. Affordability and safety are the two hallmarks of a great purchase.

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